Searching For A Reliable Provider Of
    Credentialing Services?

    In order to provide services to patients,healthcare providers need to enroll and attest to the payer's network.This process known as credentialing ,ensures that the physician meets certain standards for delivering clinical care.It checks the physician's education background,licence status ,work experience certification, affiliation, clinical incidents and training records. Payers may refuse or delays payment to physicians who are not credentialed or enrolled with them, which negatively impact the finances of the healthcare practice.Let PureMD Group keep your revenue cycle steady by handling your credentialing services

    Process We Follow
    to Simplify Credentialing


    A physician's qualifications and credentials undergo primary source verification.



    Physicians are granted permission, based on verified credentials, to perform specific services.



    A provider can then enroll for payment and bill their services.


    Why Your Practice Needs
    Medical Credentialing

    • The consistency of service provider's quality is maintained.
    • Ensuring patient safety and avoiding malpractice.
    • Patient are provided with the utmost care and attention.
    • Simplify the recruitment process for physicians.
    • Ensure the prevention of revenue loss and billing issues.