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    Why Pharmacy Informatics and Technology is Important for Reshaping Healthcare Through Pharmacy?

    Healthcare has become closely associated with technology, and the pharmacy industry is no different. However, only about 50% of IT projects are successful, making the success of these initiatives critical to developing high-performing organizations. This is where pharmacy informatics and technology play a huge part in developing modern solutions to medication-use challenges in health systems. Technology impacts all aspects of pharmacy care and operations and presents a significant opportunity to enhance quality, safety, compliance, operations, and financial performance.

    Combining Technology And
    Strategy For Better Results

    • Well-constructed informatics has the potential to revolutionize important aspects of the pharmacy organization, bringing about significant transformations.
    • Our organization specializes in providing automation expertise and business acumen to help improve your company's operations. We have the knowledge and skills necessary to streamline your processes.
    • After optimizing technology, you can easily create dashboards with the right data and analyze enterprise activity annually, and you will be able to handle patient data efficiently.
    • We ensure the health system grows self-sufficiently with modern technology.We offer medication-use technology tools, including automated dispensing cabinets and inventory systems.

    Reasons To Adopt Proven Innovations And
    Transform Your Pharmacy Services

    Overcoming Medication Management Challenges

    Lack of resources for medication management, unorganized data, and staff expertise shortage were significant obstacles in pharmacy.

    Addressing Operational And Staffing Issues

    Underperforming existing operations and clinical staff, including any other providers and nursing, along with overextending financial resources.

    Integrating Inventory Processes For Accuracy

    Manual inventory processes and dispensing cabinets were not integrated, resulting in an inaccurate valuation of medication inventory.

    Enhancing Data Coordination For Patient Databases

    Noteworthy gaps in vendor platforms and a lack of coordination in dashboard creation and data evaluation for patient databases.

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    We contribute to healthcare pharmacies with core competencies in data, information, and knowledge management; delivery; practice analytics; applied clinical informatics; and leadership and change management. This results in optimized and efficient technological outcomes for pharmacy practice.
    PureMD Group evaluates system limitations and risks, educates pharmacy end-users, and investigates system issues related to medication safety. We ensure interoperability between pharmacy and medication systems.
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