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    Our experts strive to decrease the turnaround time by dealing with all the workers’ compensation claims and collections promptly in compliance with legal policy

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    Optimize your revenue cycle with our comprehensive workers’ compensation billing services. PureMD is here to assist you with the following benefits:

    • End-to-end revenue cycle and workers’ compensation claims management.
    • Guaranteed improved collections and revenue.
    • HIPAA-compliant standards and procedures.
    • Efficient patient data and financial handling.
    • Superior customer support and services.

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    Our customer service providers will assist you regarding all your queries about collection services. We engage in regular communication with healthcare providers and keep them updated about every aspect of business all through the revenue cycle management.

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    compensation billing process

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    Verification of employee credentials

    Our team will verify the injured workers’ employment and injury history, on behalf of the provider.

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    Case Verification

    After verifying the workers’ credentials, we go through the insurance company’s policies regarding the case in detail.

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    Medical Documentation

    Review of all the reports and treatment plans regarding occupational injury or illness.

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    Medical Coding

    Based on medical reports and procedures we carry out medical coding, which is updated and checked frequently to avoid errors.

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    Review and Submission

    When verification processes are done, our team carefully scrutinize and review each step from bill submission to reimbursements.

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    Timely Follow-up

    Our team ensure timely follow-up to ensure early reimbursements for the hospital.

    Outsourcing healthcare collection services: top 5 reasons

    • worker ImageSave your time and money
    • worker ImageRisk Prevention and Management
    • worker ImageProfessional Expertise by Team
    • worker ImageLower Rates
    • worker ImageFocus on Core Business
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our medical collection services include Medical Billing, Medical Credentialing, Medical Coding, Worker’s Compensation Collections, Personal Injury Collections and AR Management
    We provide the ultimate solution for your workers’ compensation billing services which includes effective management of claim rejections, claim negotiation with the insurer, and reduction in the turnaround time of outstanding account receivables
    You can email us or contact our customer support for detailed information regarding pricing plans (844-484-0704).
    Our automated EHR Systems execute all processes in accordance with HIPAA compliance and policies. Reach out to our customer support helpline for further information.