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    As a healthcare provider, you send out patient statements, which are essentially medical bills. These statements can be sent to patients via regular mail or electronically. In order to manage medical billing, you might have hired administrative staff whose primary responsibility is to handle this process. This can be a significant expense for your organization. A patient statement service can reduce administrative costs, improve fee collection, and allow staff to focus on patients.

    PureMD Group’s professionals reviews patient statements before generating and sending out the final bill

    At the end of each month, we generate patient statement reports. Our efficient team thoroughly checks all the details before sending out the statements. Additionally, we send a separate report to the clinic indicating the maximum number of statements that require further action. These statements either need to be moved to the collection agency or require patient follow-up for outstanding payments

    Patient Statement Services Comprise
    Of The Following Features:

    • Reminding patients to pay bills electronically via text saves time and money compared to mailing paper statements.
    • A patient statement service can send electronic statements, which reduces your administrative costs.
    • Auto-scheduling patient statements ensures timely and correct billing, preventing missed or duplicate statements.
    • Patient statement services provide a variety of statement formats to choose from that best fit your practice.

    Why Patient Statements are Crucial
    in Medical Billing

    Importance of Patient Statements in Healthcare Payment

    Patient statements are crucial for healthcare as they ensure payment for all the services and treatments received during a doctor’s visit.

    Streamlined Patient Payment Statements

    Clear statements on patient payments mean quicker revenue for doctors and less confusion for patients

    Monitoring Costs with Patient Statements

    A patient statement can help you track costs by showing what insurance has paid and what you still owe. is ki b do heading par short heading do

    Determining Your Treatment Costs

    Know how much you owe your doctor for treatment with a patient statement. Patients must be informed of payment options

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    By outsourcing patient statement services, healthcare providers can improve their cash flow, reduce administrative costs, and provide a better patient experience by spending less time on patient bills.
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