Personal Injury Collections And
    Lien Management

    Let PureMD Group guide you through the process of getting compensation for the injury treatments you provided. As a committed partner in personal injury claims, we pledge to assist you in securing the reimbursement you deserve.
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    • personal Injury ImageMaximum compensation for your medical services to the patient
    • personal Injury ImageMedical lien management
    • personal Injury ImageTaking care of your billing complexities
    • personal Injury ImageExcellent working ties with state-wide attorneys
    • personal Injury ImageCost efficiency and dedicated client servicing
    • personal Injury ImageDetailed reporting and follow-up

    PureMD Group - Your Partner
    for Maximum Reimbursement

    Our experts understand the intricacies of medical lien management and provide ultimate solutions. Say goodbye to challenges in collecting medical debt, our professionals will handle the negotiations, paperwork, and coordination, ensuring you get the financial support you need. Our clients are our priority. We take pride in our recognition for professional expertise, integrity, and hard work in relation to medical debt collection services.

    Protecting your rights as a healthcare provider

    Maximizing the personal injury debt collections

    Assistance in collecting lost revenue

    Easier and quicker reimbursements

    Let Your Healthcare Practice Thrive

    With the best representation and efficient return on outstanding account receivables, we provide personal injury billing and healthcare collection services at their best. Our dedicated staff is inclined towards taking responsibility for smooth lien recoveries

    A patient cannot afford to wait while sustaining an injury through no fault of their own. For a healthcare provider, focusing on patient treatment is crucial. Let us handle all the billing matters while you focus on your patient recovery.

    Spine and Neck Injury


    Fall and Slip Injury


    Dog Bite Injury


    Brain Injury


    Burn Injury


    Wrongful Death


    Some Of Our Features For
    Personal Injury Debt Collection

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    Dedicated team of professionals who understand the complexities of your personal injury collection processes. We are able to mitigate risk and know best how to handle all the claim rejections efficiently.

    We try to cope with modern technological integrations for an improved quality experience for our clients. It helps to configure health plans, and access credentialing and eligibility tools with a smooth processing of billings electronically.

    Our professional team will negotiate on your behalf until your personal injury collection settles. Outsourcing medical collection services will result in maximum reimbursements.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our team of dedicated staff will assist you in getting prompt reimbursements for your healthcare services provided to the patient, however, it also depends on the nature and severity of the patient’s personal injury case.
    Dealing with your personal injury collections while managing all the medical tasks and services can be exhausting to you. Let our company negotiate on your behalf and handle all your debt collections efficiently
    Our experts negotiate on your behalf to clear all your outstanding finances regarding the patient services you provide in personal injury or workers’ compensation cases. For details and more information contact our customer support.