Strategic Solutions for Pharmacy Revenue
    Cycle Optimization


    PureMD Group’s Strategic Approach Towards Revenue Cycle Management

    Sustained financial growth is a significant challenge for even the most successful organizations in the healthcare industry. An effective pharmacy program can play a vital role in increasing revenue by capitalizing on all opportunities, creating new services and programs, and reducing costs. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in maximizing your financial performance by leveraging our proficiency in both pharmacy and revenue cycle operations. We offer customized services and solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and financial goals. Our consultants bring a wealth of experience to the table to assist each of our clients in the best way possible.

    Managing the revenue cycle for a pharmacy is a complex task that demands a collaborative and specialized approach

    In order to improve performance, it is important to have well-designed workflows, proper training, dedicated resources, and collaboration across multiple disciplines. Routine updates to core systems are also necessary. PureMD Group specializes in helping hospitals discover untapped opportunities in their organizations and develop new programs to capture lost revenue

    Following Are The Consulting Services
    We Offer To Improve Financial Performance:

    • Pharmacy charge capture:
      It refers to the process of accurately capturing and billing for medications and related services provided to a patient by a pharmacy.
    • Pharmacy cost avoidance:
      Reduction of prescription drug costs through various means, such as negotiating prices with suppliers and implementing cost-saving measures.
    • The accuracy of processing inpatient and outpatient claims:
      One crucial factor impacting healthcare revenue cycle management and quality of care is the accuracy of processing claims.
    • Assessment of denials and write-offs:
      A strong denial management strategy is crucial to ensure all earned revenue is collected, with every department in the revenue cycle playing a role.

    Improvise Pharmacy Revenue
    Performance Through:

    Managed care collaboration

    A collaborative approach is necessary to manage the complex pharmacy revenue cycle. We partner with your teams to identify gaps and recommend solutions for process workflows.

    Managed care collaboration

    EMR software can directly communicate with the healthcare pharmacy, diminishing the need for a medical assistance or a nurse to call in the prescription.

    Claim processing and validation

    Document processing can vary in complexity depending on the needs of an enterprise. Automate medical claim processing to save time and focus on patient care.

    Billing and coding

    Using medical billing solutions or outsourcing billing can save time and reduce claim denials. If you find the billing process too complicated, you can rely on us for all financial handling.

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    We assist hospitals and healthcare setups in identifying existing and new revenue opportunities. We quickly improve our client's finances and establish a strong infrastructure for future success. If you want to ensure sustained growth for your organization, consider reaching out to PureMD Group for financial performance consulting services.
    We aim to partner with you to maximize reimbursement for medication services through collaborative strategies across pharmacy, finance, managed care, and clinicians by claim processing and validation.
    Get customized pricing plans and packages for your pharmacy business by contacting our customer support team or email