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    Pharmacy Operational Performance And Optimization

    When seeking to optimize a pharmacy's operational performance, three key objectives come to mind: controlling costs, generating revenue, and improving patient care and outcomes. To achieve a high-performing pharmacy, a robust organization is necessary. The culture of growth and innovation must be supported by people, facilities, equipment, technology, training, operating procedures, and organizational structure while providing efficient patient care and optimal financial performance.

    We understand the challenges pharmacy executives face and the real-life implications of every decision

    Our team collaborates with pharmacy leaders to develop innovative and practical solutions that benefit patients, healthcare organizations, and communities. At PureMD Group, we provide recommendations to enhance accuracy and workflow, reduce labor costs, optimize space, and improve efficiencies that create opportunities for service expansion

    Our Pharmacy Operational Performance
    Services Are Beneficial For:

    • Conducting a comprehensive evaluation of all software platforms and hardware used in the pharmacy department for medication management.
    • Performance management tools audit and advise on goal setting, performance review practices, and progressive discipline processes.
    • To ensure that reviews are done in a timely manner, it is important to establish a clear workflow. It keeps everyone aware of their role.
    • Reviewing and optimizing the staffing model and also providing executive recruiting and interim leadership services.

    PureMD Group Offers The Following To Enhance Pharmacy Operational Performance:

    Pharmacy Infrastructure Assessment & Evaluation

    A comprehensive analysis will be conducted of your current organizational structure and workplace culture and provide customized strategic recommendations.

    Operational and Workflow Analysis

    By observing workflows and metrics and interviewing the workforce, we will understand the existing operational utilization of pharmacy information systems and automation following LEAN principles.

    Company Policy and Procedure Analysis and Review

    We will conduct an efficient review of the company's policies and procedures and compare them to the standard requirements for your business based on best practices.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The scope of Pharmacy Operations encompasses resources essential to patient care delivery, including people, materials, equipment, capital, information, and technology. This will help identify any areas that need improvement and ensure that the pharmacy runs efficiently and improves cash flow.
    We will analyze your current organizational structure and workplace culture to provide custom recommendations. Our focus areas include restructuring and realigning positions, implementing IT systems and automation in pharmacy, and acquiring top talent for the company.
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