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    Why Is Accounts Receivable
    Follow-up Crucial In Medical Billing?

    Healthcare providers such as physicians, hospitals, and nursing homes are offering an increasing number of services to patients. Whenever patients receive treatment or care, they are expected to pay a certain amount to the healthcare providers. To ensure efficient and timely payment recovery from insurance carriers, a well-designed insurance model is necessary. Accounts receivable (A/R) follow-ups play a vital role in this process, helping healthcare providers to operate their practices smoothly and successfully while ensuring that the owed amount is refunded as quickly as possible.


    Our team of billing professionals specializes in handling A/R follow-ups, utilizing their improvised skill sets and expertise

    It is crucial to understand the importance of A/R follow-up and implement efficient strategies in order to thrive in today's ever-evolving healthcare industry. Our experts are well-trained to rectify all the issues regarding outstanding account receivables. Successful A/R follow-up necessitates a well-coordinated approach and scrupulous attention to detail.

    A/R Follow-Up Methodology

    • Initial Evaluation:
      The claims mentioned in the A/R report are analyzed and identified. Then, our team looks into the provider’s policy and examines which claims should be removed from the total.
    • Analysis and Prioritizing:
      This phase begins when claims are considered uncollectible or when the carrier fails to pay the negotiated rate to healthcare providers.
    • Collection:
      After verifying all relevant billing information, patient bills are generated in accordance with client guidelines and then followed up with patients for payment.

    Benefits Of Outsourcing
    A/R Follow-Up To Us

    Financial Stability

    Healthcare practices need healthy cash flow to be financially stable. Our professionals ensure consistent funds for bills and patient care.

    Minimal Claim Denials

    The A/R team can quickly remedy claims by contacting the insurance company to determine the reason for the denial.

    Minimal Outstanding Account Receivables

    A/R follow-up simplifies payment recovery, ensuring prompt reimbursements. The team monitors outstanding accounts.

    Early Reimbursements

    A/R follow-up reduces the amount of time that accounts are allowed to remain unpaid. It simplifies the process of reimbursements for better cash flow.

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    PureMD Group can streamline processes, improve accuracy, and enhance collection performance. Outsourced medical billing and coding services are the best way to save money, leverage technology, optimize accounts receivable management processes, and boost revenue collection.
    The healthcare organization's accounts receivable follow-up is responsible for reopening denied claims to maximize insurance reimbursements and prevent revenue leakage.
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