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    PureMD Group consists of a team of experienced and trained professionals who assist healthcare providers and physicians in medical collection services, modern technology integration, and their healthcare practice’s management so they can focus on their patients and leave payment hassles to us. We always try to put up with the advancement of the healthcare industry by offering medical services that include:

    Eligibility Verification

    Outsourcing eligibility verification services to a medical billing company with a team of experts will prevent medical insurance claim rejections and delays. Our modern technological health record systems ensure accurate and proper verification processes.

    Medical Billing

    Our medical billing services offer complete solutions straight through the whole process until the doctors or physicians get paid promptly by medical insurance companies. We minimize claim denial rates efficiently and clear all outstanding account receivables timely.

    Revenue Cycle Management

    The persistent revenue flows act as the backbone of a medical billing system. Our Medical Billing experts put immense efforts into implementing steady and secure RCM Services to get early reimbursements and to improve cash flow.

    Stuck Between Healthcare

    Practice and Administrative Load?

    PureMD Group Is Here For You!

    Through surveys and experience, we acknowledge that doctors and other healthcare providers are overburdened with many administrative tasks. Treatment of patients is one tough job already, so managing denied claims and keeping follow-up on outstanding accounts receivables becomes difficult to manage. We bring together innovative powerful tools and medical services to help your healthcare practice thrive. Modernize your revenue cycle management by opting for us for your medical billing needs. To help doctors and physicians, the least and most important task we can do is manage their medical billing. You don’t have to monitor every rejected claim. Our team of billing professionals does it for you along with prompt claim submissions and early reimbursements. In the end, you only have to worry about your patient’s needs and medical treatment.

    Benefits Of Outsourcing
    Medical Billing Services

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    We Manage All Types Of Medical Billing Under
    One Platform

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    Physical Therapy

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    Internal Medicine

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    Need More Reasons
    To Opt For Us?

    • Electronic Health Record Systems to process all claims and payments.
    • Timely and accurate follow-up with payors on filed claims that have yet to be reimbursed.
    • Maximum reimbursements and better cash flow.
    • Convenient and affordable pricing plans and packages.
    • Efficient A/R follow-up and revenue cycle management.
    • Faster denial resolutions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Starting from collecting Patients’ Demographic Information to prompt recovery of account receivables, our EHR Systems ensures accuracy and quality in all billing procedures. Other processes include Credentialing, Eligibility Verification, Medical Coding, Claim Negotiation, and A/R Follow up.
    Contact to our customer support for your immediate concerns and queries 844-484-0704 or you can also schedule a consultation by filling the given form.